Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wild Things (spoiler free)

I hope you have seen the movie, but if not, I’m sure you’ve read the book.

Max is just a boy in a wolf suit. Or is he? In contrast to our predictable lives, Max finds adventure inside of himself, living the adventure that we only dream of. This adventure is limited only to his wild imagination.

Inside all of us is hope.
Inside all of us is fear.
Inside all of us is adventure.
Inside all of us is a Wild Thing.

Somewhere searching for a career I settled for predictability over adventure. I started out pursuing a passion and end up settling for a paycheck. What once began as a vision to liberate people from bondage turned into an attempt to impress the interviewers across the table.

This blog is confession.

I confess that the fear that is inside all of us got the better of me. Keeping me from living life adventurously, limited only by my imagination. I rationalized it by saying I was being ‘responsible’. I put my ‘boyish’ ways behind and tried to act like an adult.

I began to think differently when I read what Mark Batterson had to say about responsibility.

“So instead of making a life, all we do is make a living. And our deep-seated passions get buried beneath our day-to-day responsibilities. When God puts a passion in your heart, whether it be relieving a starvation in Africa or educating children in the inner city or making movies with redemptive messages, that God-ordained passion becomes your responsibility.”*

It is not irresponsible to live your passionate adventure. Far from it. Mark Batterson would call it obedience. This is a boy and his God. This is why I write. We don't have to have it all together, responsible, and organized.

*Batterson’s quote is from his book Wild Goose Chase. A great read!


  1. I completely understand this blog. Oddly, I had another name for it. I was thinking in my room, "...going from living by ideals to living by passions..."

    and I mean the fleeting kind.

    honestly, living as a kid in these kinds of times is a dangerous thing to do. definitely not for the faint of heart. i'm not going to say either of us are, but i will say that i'm in remission after having life kick my tail for a while.

  2. Great blog man. We all need to have our "vision" glasses cleaned so we can see with clarity again. We all get fogged and lose our way.
    Thanks for these thoughts.

  3. Very well said. Thank you for the reminder of what we are all put here for...His glory & to be obedient to the passions He has sparked within us. I needed this, I think we all do! Love to you & Caitie!