About This

On our individual pursuits of God, I think we share a lot of similarities. Here is my opportunity to share what I've learned to encourage you on your pursuit. So let's be brutally honest. To God, to each other, and hardest of all, to ourselves. You are invited to speak your mind and heart. 

One morning, I was hit with the idea that I am still a kid, a boy. Apprehensive about the world and it's ways, longing for the safety of grade school. From time to time I watch my favorite boyhood show, The Adventures of Pete & Pete. When I do, the nostalgia hits me. Saying up all night, summer vacations, bullies, best friends, slurpies. Now life seems to revolve around resumes, experience, budgets, bills, long term goals. I'm not naive. I know those are important. It's just a struggle to balance boyhood and manhood. 

As an idealist, spirituality is risky business. Unfulfilled expectations can leave an idealist feeling betrayed. Big deams become flirtations with failure. So I need your encouragement just as you can benefit from mine. 

I will do my best to update this blog every Sunday. I aim to be brief yet thought provoking. If you connect with what I write about, please pass this blog on. This is a boy and his God.