Thursday, April 8, 2010

Storybook Biographies

Everything about a story is true. Except that its fiction, of course.

Seriously though. We have always made up stories. From cave paintings to Avatar. Not to just escape from our real world problems, but to remind our hearts of what is true, what is right, what is noble. More than just mere stories, the characters that we create, the heroes that we imagine are powerful, yet are also handicapped with their flaws. The page that we read from looks less like paper, and more like a mirror. Yes, they are more spectacular and charismatic than we are, but that is because they symbolize everything we want to be.

When we leave the pages of a great story, we are changed. We begin to see connections between our lives and the fiction we experienced. We see our crisis, finally, as our opportunity. The problems that interrupt our lives seem less desperate, and more as a chance to make life better. For us, for our loved ones, and for those who desperately need us to save them.

Story is an opportunity for you to make yourself into a better person. The person God intended you to be. Your greatest gift to the world is fully becoming the person God intended youto be.

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